Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers Dump on Trump Over 'Bring Your Daughter to Govern Day' and 'Freedom Cookies' (Video)
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President Donald Trump officially brought his daughter Ivanka Trump into his administration Thursday, and Stephen Colbert pounced, along with Trevor Noah.

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers focused on another upcoming Trump spectacle: his meeting with China's president, which the "Late Night" host predicted will surely go awry.

It seems there is never any shortage of Trump jokes to choose from. Take a look at late-night's best political jabs below.

"The Late Show With Stephen Colbert"

"Yesterday it was announced that Ivanka Trump will become a federal employee in the White House, serving as the President's 'eyes and ears,'" Colbert said. "No word yet on who will be operating his brain."

"Very happy," Colbert said. "'Bring Your Daughter to Govern Day.'"

"Late Night With Seth Meyers"

Addressing Trump's scheduled meeting with China's President Xi Jinping, Meyers tore up the POTUS' practices when it came to being diplomatic.

"President Trump will meet with the President of China next week to discuss Trump's claims about China's unfair trade practices," Meyers said, "which means we're about two weeks away from from having to call these 'Freedom Cookies,'" he said, showing a photo of traditional fortune cookies on the screen.

"If that makes you nervous, wait till you hear him try to speak Chinese," Meyers joked.