Behind the Scenes of 'The Walking Dead' -- What You Didn't See on TV

First thing's first: Damn garbage people.

Ever since Negan made ground beef of Glenn and Abraham in the premiere, Season 7 has been all about building an army against the Big Bad and his battalion of Saviors. It took 15 episodes for Rick to get the recruits and ammo he needed -- but, in the end, that plan unraveled fast thanks to Jadis and her trash gang.

Let's dig into the most shocking moments and a few unanswered questions following Sunday's finale, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life."

Jadis' Betrayal

The biggest lesson we all learned tonight: don't trust people who live in a junk yard.

Thanks to some intel from Dwight, Rick and his army knew Negan and a group of about 20 Saviors would be showing up to Alexandria. But with guns and ammo from Oceanside and supposed backup from the Scavengers, Rick was ready. The plan was kill Negan and his group, then the Saviors left at Sanctuary before taking out each of the outposts.

Unfortunately, once it looked like our survivors had the upper hand, Jadis pulled a gun on Rick and her people held up all the Alexandrians. Like we said, trash people.

This leads us to ...

Sasha's MVP Moment

The first half of the episode kept flashing between Sasha listening to music inside a coffin en route to Alexandria and a conversation she had with Abraham before his death. In the convo, she told him she had a dream he was going to die and warned him against helping Maggie get to a doctor. But he told her Maggie's "carrying the future" and that's worth fighting for.

With those words still in her head, Sasha popped the poison pill Eugene gave her last week, knowing it would cause complete chaos. She was right. When Negan opened the casket for a trade-off with Rick, zombie Sasha attacked him, providing the perfect distraction for the Alexandrians to mount their counterattack.

The skirmish that followed definitely helped thin the herd before the next big surprise.


Jadis once again got the upper hand on Rick, shooting him in the side. Negan then had him get on his knees alongside Carl, mirroring the season premiere. Just when it seemed like Negan was going to kill the boy, Shiva popped out of nowhere and mauled a Savior beside this season's major villain.

"Alexandria will not fall, not on this day," shouted Ezekiel as he and his knights -- Carol and Morgan included -- stormed the community. The people of Hilltop joined as well, providing just the right number soldiers to fight off both the Saviors and Scavengers.

Unfortunately, Jadis and Negan both got out of the situation unharmed, each retreating to their respective fortresses.

Dwight Wimps Out

The episode started with Dwight saying he wanted Negan dead too.

While he did help delay the Saviors return to Alexandria and gave them important intel, there were definitely a few moments during the battle inside the community where he could have easily capped his boss.

Daryl found a hidden message Dwight left behind -- the words "DIDNT KNOW" on a wooden carving -- letting them know he had no idea the Scavengers were on Negan's side. And we believe him.

Though we're still pretty sure he's Team Rick, Dwight better follow through on that next season. And while we're at it, hopefully he can turn Eugene back too. Sasha said she wasn't ready to give up on the mulleted wonder just yet and we haven't either.

Questions for Season 8

Where the hell did Gregory go?

After we last saw him grab a map and head off to places unknown, we just assumed he was heading to the Sanctuary to narc on Rick's group. Instead, it was Jadis who double crossed him.

Any guesses for where the former Hilltop leader was headed? And what that will mean for Maggie when he returns?

Will Morgan remain a killer?

We all saw Morgan turn away from his peaceful ways after everything that went down with Richard and Benjamin. He has his murder face on tonight, using both his sharpened bo staff and a gun to kill anyone threatening his friends.

Both him and Carol have gone back and forth ... and, for now, it seems like they're AOK with a little violence these days.

What's Negan's next move?

The episode ended with Lucille's daddy proclaiming, "We are GOING TO WAR" -- and that can't be good for Rick and company.

With the Saviors at the Sanctuary, plus those he has at outposts all over the area and the support of the Scavengers, Negan's army is much bigger than Rick's.

If Negan can bring all his people together, they'd seemingly be unstoppable against the people of Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom, right?

We're still holding out for Oceanside to join Rick, but that remains to be seen.

The final question we have for you tonight:

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