Bette Midler Slams Bill O'Reilly and Fox News Viewers for Having 'No Morality At All'
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Bette Midler is no fan of Bill O'Reilly, but she's "popping champagne" in his honor.

Following new allegations of sexual harassment against the Fox News host, Midler tweeted: "Looks like Bill O'Reilly's next on the scaffold, and I'm popping Champagne! Fox watchers turn a blind eye to predators; no morality at all."

The New York Times reported Sunday that the allegation settlements against O'Reilly by five different women accusing him of inappropriate behavior total $13 million.

Despite the allegations, Fox is standing by O'Reilly, and it isn't the first time the network defends an employee in spite of sexual harassment claims.

Fox's founding CEO Roger Ailes resigned last year after Gretchen Carlson and several other women accused him of harassment and other misbehaviors.

Fox News has not yet responded to TooFab's request for comment.

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