Trevor Noah was pleased on Monday that Donald Trump kept at least one Obama-era policy intact -- celebrating April as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month -- but wished the President would celebrate by "calling out" a certain Fox News host.

"You know how Trump can celebrate? By calling out his propaganda partner Bill O'Reilly at Fox News," the "Daily Show" host said.

Months after Roger Ailes' career was destroyed by numerous sexual assault allegations from female Fox News employees, like Gretchen Carlson, O'Reilly is at the center of more unflattering allegations. Fox News and O'Reilly have reportedly coughed up 13 million dollars to settle five different cases brought forth by women who accused the TV host of sexual harassment.

Noah gave Trump props for "finally following presidential tradition," but joked he only agreed to maintain the month Obama also declared as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month because POTUS thought he'd get to sexually harass women for the 30 days.

"'I'm in. When do I start?'" Noah joked in his Trump voice. "Actually here's my conspiracy theory: I find it extremely convenient that Trump suddenly wanted the White House to focus on preventing sexual assault basically the same day his daughter [Ivanka Trump] started working there. All of the sudden he's like, 'Alright guys, we're done now, we're done now,'" Noah said.

"He's like those rappers who say, 'Yo man, now that I got my baby girl, I don't say 'b--ch' anymore, nah what I mean?" Noah joked.

The late-night comedian then chided Trump for not knowing much about anything a president should know about ("foreign policy, trade, infrastructure, sentence structure"), but then played a series of news clips about the numerous sexual assault allegations that emerged against Trump in during the 2016 election.

"Even the haters have to admit, when it comes to sexual assault, Donald Trump knows his s--t," Noah joked before expressing amazement that Trump managed to get elected despite such serious scandals.

"Trump being anti-sexual assault is like Sisqo marching against thongs," Noah joked.

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