The Grown Man Moved to Tears by The Rock Details Encounter With His Hero Dwayne Johnson (Exclusive)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson moved a grown man to tears after an epic surprise on Wednesday's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" and TooFab spoke exclusively to the lucky couple who met the famous duo.

Newlyweds Michael and Jessica Nevin were on their honeymoon in Orlando, Fla. when they received the surprise of a lifetime, as they unsuspectingly met The Rock -- Michael's lifelong hero -- and Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon and Johnson teamed up to surprise unsuspecting patrons at Universal Studios Orlando by dressing up as mascot versions of themselves and later revealed the men underneath the masks.

After realizing that he was meeting his hero, Nevin broke into tears and the two locked in a heartwarming embrace.

TooFab spoke Friday to Michael and Jessica on what exactly it was like meeting The Rock and Jimmy Fallon and what went on behind the scenes of the surprise.

TooFab: Do you plan on adding to your collection of Rock tattoos in commemoration of the surprise?

I have many tattoos, four of which represent the The Rock already. We are lucky as we have a family member who is our tattooist and does them all. So after what happened, I definitely see a new one being added to the collection to represent the special day.

What was going through your heads when Fallon and The Rock pulled off their giant masks?

For me it was 'Oh my God, I cannot believe The Rock is standing in front of me,' as it truly was a dream come true for me. For Jessica, pure shock and disbelief. We see stuff like this happen all over social media, so why would it happen to us two from the U.K.? It was truly magical!

You got so close to him -- were you finally able to smell what The Rock was cooking?

What kind of question is that jabroni? Only joking. He smelled of greatness.

If you could have asked The Rock any three questions, what would they have been?

I know everything you could possibly know about him, so it would be more personal questions that no one knows such as: 1) other than yourself who do you think is the greatest wrestler of all time? 2) would you ever expect a grown man bearded with tattoos to cry like a girl? 3) do you have any dream projects you wish to complete in the future?

Did you have any indication that The Rock and Jimmy Fallon were actually under their masks?

Neither of us could ever have dreamed of meeting The Rock and Jimmy, so it didn't even come into our heads that it could have been them. Being at Universal, seeing characters all the time, it could have been anyone for all we knew.

Do you cry often?

I'm a big softy. It has to really mean a lot for me to cry like I did on Wednesday. For example, we went to San Francisco and that's where I proposed. We also went there for Wrestlemania 31 and The Rock did a surprise appearance and I cried then. The Rock was so far away then, but it meant the world knowing I could see him.

Were you embarrassed at all for crying and then going viral for crying?

It was the proudest moment of my life as I got to meet my all-time hero, and I would do it 10 times over.

What's your least favorite Rock movie?

I don't have one.

Is Jessica jealous that you love The Rock more than her?

No, of course not. She embraces that I love him -- it's as if he is family. Jessica has never met anyone who idolizes someone so much and is so proud of it and for that reason she admires him.

Why do you love The Rock beyond being his favorite wrestler?

I love him because he is such an inspirational person -- he was always the coolest. His sense of humor is on the same wavelength as mine. The Rock was always happy to make fun of himself and others while still owning every room he walked into during wrestling. This then transcended into movies as he dominated the box office. We share a love of Elvis Presley, so it's something else I can relate to. On social media he is always so positive in such a negative world, ensuring he always makes time for his fans.

When did you first become a Rock fan? What are your favorite movies or projects by the actor?

I became a Rock fan at the age of five when he first debuted at Survivor Series, as I've watched wrestling with my brothers for as long as I can remember. Favorite projects include any of his wrestling matches and promos. Movies would be 'Hercules,' 'Fast and Furious' franchise, 'Central Intelligence,' 'Moana' ... It's hard to narrow it down as I get so pumped for any Rock project. I love his Under Armour collaboration and also his TV shows like 'Wake Up Call' that help inspire others and 'Ballers.' 'SNL' and his YouTube channel as of late also. He can't do any wrong in my eyes."

Tell us what you talked about with The Rock after the cameras weren't rolling.

I got to tell him to his face what he has done for me, and what I think of him as well as thank him for this amazing moment. I also thanked Jimmy for this opportunity and gave him a huge hug, and Jessica also got the chance to cuddle The Rock!

Did your wife have any idea or was she also surprised?

No, she didn't have any idea what was going on. I was just as shocked as Jessica when it came down to them revealing themselves under the masks. She cried as well, as she just couldn't believe it. We still can't!

Why were you both in Orlando? Were you on the hunt for The Rock throughout the day?

We are in Orlando for our honeymoon. We came here for Wrestlemania 33, as well as all the parks. It's Jessica's first time to Orlando but I've been here before with my family. We knew he was in Universal and were hopeful that we were going to see him walking around the park, but little did we know what was about to happen!

How were you chosen by the producers? What did they ask you?

We were simply asked if we wanted to test the new Jimmy Fallon ride, which makes it more crazy as they could have asked anyone.

Watch the original video below for Nevin's reaction.

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