37 of Donald Trump's Most Vocal Critics and Supporters

Bill Maher and guest Chelsea Handler took President Trump to task for his actions this week and also slammed Fox News' Bill O'Reilly over the sexual harassment allegations levied against him.

See the three best moments from Maher's HBO show below.

"What Would a Dick Do?"

Maher roasted Trump over the direction Trump is taking the government in which he describes as a series of "dick" moves.

"So much of what they have done since Trump took over isn't moving the party in a more conservative direction," Maher said. "It's also not Libertarian. It's just a dick move."

"Republicans have to learn the difference between being a conservative and just being a dick," said Maher.

Of the present conservatism on display, Maher said it's "just about some warped idea that the way to show strength is by being a dick and that, in a nutshell, is what Republicanism has become: looking at any problem and saying, 'What would a dick do?'"

"A Few of the Republicans' Favorite Things"

Maher's opener discussed Trump's Syrian airstrike as well as Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment scandal.

"Republicans got their favorite thing," Maher said about this week in politics. "A right wing a–hole on the Supreme Court and Trump finally blowing some shit up."

Maher also pointed out the hypocrisy of Trump's move to bomb Syrian airfields, and said that even former President Obama didn't launch an airstrike against Syria after 2013 attacks of the same caliber. Maher said that had Obama made the move to strike, it would not have been well received and joked that many would have considered an offensive move by Obama to be "bombing while black."

"This is tricky for Trump," Maher later said. "Russia does not want us bombing there. If Trump does the wrong thing, Putin might not reelect him."

Maher joked that O'Reilly was likely so excited over the Syrian airstrike that he "groped himself."

"This Week in Sexism" With Chelsea Handler

Maher and Handler teamed up to get Bill O'Reilly laid and mock Ivanka Trump's presence in the White House.

"Let's get Bill O'Reilly laid; let's try to reach out to the other side," Maher said.

Handler later took aim at Ivanka Trump and said, "Ivanka has sent a powerful message to women: If you show dedication you can get a job as your dad's unpaid assistant."