The second part of “Vanderpump Rules” Season 5 Reunion kicked off with a familiar storyline involving Lala Kent and her mysterious boyfriend.

As fans will remember, Kent was absent from the Sonoma group trip for Ariana's birthday after bailing last minute due to anxiety, but Tom Sandoval wasn’t buying it.

“Did someone come into town that weekend, or no?”

“He lives in L.A.” was Lala’s defense. She then dodged Sandoval’s question about a random man driving her Range Rover one day, which she claims – along with her rent and bills – her mother pays for.

Host Andy Cohen bit the bullet and asked the inevitable question: “Were you dating a married man? Are you dating a married man?”

“No one is ever going to get the answer they’re looking for, and I’m sorry I’m not gonna put my relationship on the forefront,” she said.

Kent did admit she's currently dating someone, but refused to name the man or say if it was the same guy she dated last summer.

But Stassi Schroeder was not having it.

“We’ve all had to bleed out for this show, and if you wanna come in and be friends with us and expect the same respect, then you need to bleed out, too,” Schroeder said.

The two continued their fiery war of words that led absolutely nowhere.

“Stop being a bully. Leave it alone. It is not your business,” Lala said.

Sandoval broke up the fight with a bit of sound logic, saying, “I would love to like, not have any of my personal life aired on the show, like how fucking convenient would it be for Tom and Katie to not show any of their arguments?”

Kent also spoke about having some of her friends sign NDAs to avoid any unwanted Snapchat videos of her “getting obliterated” and “smoking weed.” In the end, a tearful Kent apologized to the group for “slamming” them on and off camera.

Stassi’s little brother Nikolai also made an appearance, where he scolded his sister for always expecting for things to always go her way, but he also praised her, saying “I love that she sticks up for herself because some people here don’t. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone and she cares about other people.”

The conclusion of the “Vanderpump Rules” Reunion airs April 17 on Bravo.