'Grace and Frankie' Lands Season 4 With Major 'Friends' Reunion - But What About Dolly Parton?
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Netflix has renewed Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin comedy “Grace and Frankie” for Season 4 and invited Lisa Kudrow to join the fun. The casting marks a major friends "Friends" reunion between Kudrow and creator Marta Kauffman.

Kudrow will play Grace’s manicurist whose new friendship with Frankie creates a divide between the two.

The actress has not worked on a project with Kauffman since “Friends” wrapped its 10-year run in May 2004. Kauffman co-created "Friends" along with David Crane.

The renewal of "Grace and Frankie" was announced less than three weeks after Season 3 debuted. The new episodes featured Grace and Frankie embarking on an entrepreneurial journey to create the perfect sex toy for women of a certain age, while their ex-husbands played by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston continue to figure out married life after coming out of the closet.

Kudrow has mostly recently appeared in "Web Therapy," "The Comeback" and "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

Fans of the hit Netflix comedy have been clamouring for "9 to 5" reunion on "Grace and Frankie."

During a recent interview with Craig Ferguson, Fonda and Tomlin teased a potential "9 to 5" reunion on "Grace & Frankie," saying they expected Dolly Parton to be on the show.

"She wants to be on it and we want her on," said Tomlin.

Fonda explained that flood damage near Parton's home in Tennessee was keeping her busy rebuilding her community.

"She is so attached to where she comes from and those people. Gosh, you can't know how deep that goes for her."

"Grace and Frankie" Season 4 will premiere on Netflix in 2018.