What 'Girls' Fans Are Saying About the Series Finale: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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It seemed like a longtime coming, but Lena Dunham finally transitioned from girlhood to womanhood in HBO’s series finale of "Girls."

The trailblazing dramedy written and created by Dunham and executive produced by **Judd Apatow followed the lives of four young women in New York City since the pilot episode in April 2012.

In the series finale, “Latching” which aired on Sunday, Hannah gave birth to a baby boy, moved into a new home upstate and became frustrated with her new bundle of joy over the emotional and physical challenges of motherhood.

Reactions from “Girls” fans were mixed across social media – some absolutely hated the finale calling it “uneventful,” while others loved it and thanked the show for helping them transition into adulthood.

TooFab picked a sampling of the good, the bad and the ugly reactions to the “Girls” finale:

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