As Trevor Noah puts it, Donald Trump and InfoWars' Alex Jones might actually be one in the same.

Noah spoke about the conservative radio host on Tuesday night's "Daily Show" and his custody battle in which his lawyer claims Jones is just "playing a character."

"I see why Donald Trump has always liked Alex Jones," Noah said. "They’re basically doing the same thing."

POTUS was on Jones' broadcast during his campaign, where he promised to "wow" Jones after a year or two in office. The two are pretty close, as Trump has previously noted that he gets most of his news from InfoWars.

"Trump is also a character who whips people up with whatever provocative bullshit works, and then when it suits him he steps away," Noah said. His comment was addressing that Trump quickly loses interest in things he once quipped mattered to him.

"On the campaign, he’s like, 'China is raping us on trade everybody!'" Noah said. "And then all of a sudden, he goes, 'President China ate my cake, it's cool, we're good now.'"

"Maybe Trump is also a performance artist. Maybe this is all a scam,” Noah said.

He added that it would be truly "crazy" to eventually find out that Trump "the entire time has been somebody else.”

Noah mocked Trump in a faux British accent assuming he (in his real identity) may say something like, "'Oh my God, Melania, the people are just, they're so insufferable, I really can’t handle it. They’re just the worst, they really are, just the worst.'”

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