5 Jaw-Droppers From ‘Pretty Little Liars’: Jenna Returns, Ezra's Reunion
First Look at 'Pretty Little Liars' Final Season

Everyone’s favorite Liars returned Tuesday night with more drama, more lies and more schemes. And with just eight episodes left after tonight, there is not much time left to wrap up all the loose ends. But yet, we are still being introduced to new characters! Here is TooFab’s take on all the shockers from “These Boots Were Made for Stalking:”

Who is Addison Derringer?


A junior in high school and a member of Emily’s swim team, Addison Derringer (Note: Her initials are A.D.) is introduced and already giving us a headache. Addison is giving us major “High School Alison” flashbacks, but we’re not the only ones. According to Ali, “she’s worse.” The newbie is already blackmailing Emily by accusing her of sexual harassment and stalking, all because she skipped practice and was reprimanded for it.

Just as it seems that Addison in Jenna’s new recruit (Jenna was seen sending a text at the same moment that Addison’s phone went off in the coffee shop), A.D. assists in the takedown of the brat. Having had enough drama from Addison, Emily decides to play the game, Liar’s Lament, to prove to herself that she’s working with Jenna.

However, the game gives her a clip of the security footage from behind The Brew showing Addison and her boyfriend in a parked car when she was supposedly “too sick to practice.” This information with an email that was forwarded to the principal (originally sent from Addison in the computer lab to a friend), stating that she’s “getting rid of Coach Fields," should be enough to get rid of her once and for all.

Jenna Marshall Returns to Rosewood


Jenna returns to Rosewood post-kidnapping in a BIG way. She marches into Detective Furey’s office, as Spencer happens to be meeting with him, and gives her side of the Noel Kahn story. She delivers this long sob story about how Noel “wanted to kill [her] too.” “There were no accidents with noel, he was a sociopath. He knew exactly how to trap you,” she said. Supposedly he was going to give her a cut of Charlotte’s money for another eye surgery, but that never happened. “I had to play along and act like his partner…so I could make it out alive,” Jenna told Furey. We don’t know about the detective, but Spencer was definitely not buying it.

Caleb later confronts Jenna in the street, and tells her to think hard about why she came back to Rosewood, to which she creepily replies, “the last time I checked, the only person who could contradict that story, was dead.”

Hastings House


As we know (and totally understand), Spencer is taking the news of her parentage rather hard. But even we were shocked when after hearing her mother say that they are selling the house, Spencer still remained apathetic and emotionless.

Veronica gave a long, heart-wrenching speech when announcing the news of their move to Spencer. “It’s our home, it’s your home. It’s the only home you’ve ever known,” she began, speaking about why they needed to sever ties with the town. “It’s not about walls, and a roof and a staircase. It’s about a family that lived here. A family that I tried to hold together in spite of all the lies, and losses and crap that life’s thrown at us. My children made even the worst moments bearable. We got through them together. Not because we have the same blood flowing through our veins, but because we’re a family... That’s what made it a home for me.”

There was not a dry eye in the building. Oh, except for Spencer.

Ezra Fitz Reunites with Fiancé


Aria is ambushed leaving her apartment by a reporter wanting to do a piece on Ezra reuniting with his fiancé. This makes Aria uneasy, for obvious reasons. She snaps at the Philly Enquirer reporter saying, “Nicole Gordon was never his fiancé. I am.”

When the article is released however, the photos show a different story. Ezra embracing Nicole all over New York City is what it looks like. Aria, being a scorned woman, makes the trip to NYC to pay Nicole a little visit. Just as she’s coaxing her way into the clinic after visiting hours, her old friend Holden (who seemingly followed her across statelines), shows up to stop her. He eventually talks her into giving Ezra time to cope, but we are not so sure his intentions are pure.

Pieces of the Puzzle


You may remember from last week that once Spencer completed her “Dare” from the board game, she was given a puzzle piece. Well, pair that with the piece Emily found in the locker room after taking down the bully, and we are getting somewhere. Spencer figures out that the pieces are beginning to form a map. It starts with Rosewood, and leads outside the town. But why a map? As Alison put it, “It’s not like it wants us to escape.” We’ll have to wait and see.

Who do you think will take the dive next, Aria or Hanna?

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm on Freeform.

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