"How to Be a Latin Lover" stars Rob Lowe, Salma Hayek and Eugenio Derbez weren't afraid to get personal with TooFab in an interview before the comedy hits theaters on Friday.

The movie is all about gigolos making a career out of seducing wealthy old women for a luxurious lifestyle, which takes a dive for main character Maximo (Derbez) when he's dumped by his 80-year-old wife for a younger car salesman (Michael Cera). Forced to reconcile with his alienated sister (Hayek) and her adorable son, Maximo sets out to find another sugar mama, but there is one thing standing in his way – his best friend gigolo, played by Lowe.

Since Lowe's character’s strategy to seduce the elderly includes nightly characters in bed, TooFab caught up with the cast (in the video above) to find out if they have any experience role-playing in their personal lives.

“Only one time,” Hayek admitted. “I did a game with a boyfriend a long time ago where we both took an airplane and pretended not to know each other, like went our separate ways and then he started to talk to me on the plane and invented a whole character and so did I and it was very interesting.”

Derbez didn't reveal his own experience, but he did wholeheartedly recommended trying it.

“You should. That’s part of the flavor of the relationship," Derbez said. "You have a lot of fun, it’s sexy, it’s refreshing.”

On the other hand, Lowe felt much different than his daring character. Derbez told us that Lowe was actually afraid of even embracing a character who role-plays.

“We want to make, uh, to make it go a little more edgier with the role-playing, but he was like, ‘Uh, let’s just do the pizza delivery guy.”

And with this new bundle of information, we just had to ask Lowe why this style of foreplay made him so uncomfortable.

“I didn’t get the pizza delivery boy. I think that’s the female equivalent of naughty cheerleader. I really didn’t get the ‘tweety professor’ thing either,” he said. “My thing is I think you have to limit it to members of the village people like you know a cop, cowboy, you know what I’m saying? You start expanding it and I don’t get it.”

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