Chris Pratt has been busy cracking fans up on his "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" press tour, from his “What’s My Snack” series to his quirky Instagram photographs, but the action star topped himself this week with an epic prank phone call.

Pratt made an appearance on BBC Radio’s “The Matt Edmondson Show” and took the AlphabetiCall challenge (above) by prank calling an exotic pet shop in England. The idea is to do a classic prank call, but the first sentence has to start with the letter “A” and each sentence after that begins with the next letter in the alphabet.

The actor drew from his blockbuster Marvel franchise and inquired about a Baby Groot-esque stick bug.

“Frankly, I can’t find a single exotic pet shop that knows anything about them,” he said with an accent. “Generally, they are known as a stick bug.”

Pratt breezed through the alphabet in his casual conversation until he got to the letters X and Z, but he figured it out and even managed to sneak in an “I am Groot” reference.

The lady on the other end stayed calm, cool and collected, which made the actor think, “She must get some weird people calling her for that to be an OK conversation.”

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