Vin Diesel just took his passion for singing to the next level, by performing on stage at the Latin Billboard Music Awards.

While the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star has shared bizarre, personal karaoke videos of himself taking on songs like Rihanna's "Stay" in the past, he made his rap debut on Thursday as Nicky Jam performed his hit, "El Ganador."

After Nicky Jam sang the lyrics "Now I'm making movies with Vin Diesel" in Spanish during the show, the actor popped out with a microphone in hand and rapped for the rest of the song. The audience went wild as he walked out sporting a black tank top and white jeans.

So, what's the connection here?

The performer appeared in Diesel's film "xXx: Return of Xander Cage," which came out earlier this year. Diesel later appeared in the music video for "El Ganador" and, according to Nicky, they even have some music in the works.

"This last week we began to record a song," he told E! in January. "The thing is that Vin wants to do Spanish music. He loves Spanish music. We just did a hook this past week and it was very simple. I think people will love it."

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