Donald Trump officially reached the landmark milestone of 100 days of his presidency and Bill Maher thought it was a major congratulatory moment... FOR AMERICANS who survived the first of many days ahead.

During "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday, the host kicked off his monologue describing some lessons we learned so far throughout the first 100 days. Of course, Maher seized the opportunity to mock Trump for his latest interview in which he revealed that being President is 'harder' than he expected.

"Nobody knew that presidenting would be so hard," Maher said impersonating Trump. "It looked so easy in the movies when Morgan Freeman does it." After going down some of the things that the White House listed as accomplishments in Trump's 100 days, Maher said Trump claims he feels "isolated" and "misses driving." He concluded by calling Trump a “whiny little bitch”.

"We have this President who knows nothing, didn't know anything about any of the issues, not even the basics - how a bill becomes a law, how many branches of government we have, I mean, he didn't know what Brexit was... He's the President who's a baby with a mobile over his head," Maher joked using his best impression of Baby Trump "just learning."

Maher also had a message for liberals: Stop trying to convince Trump supporters to try and understand some of the President's policies.

"Liberals need to stop trying to win over Trump voters with facts," he said. "You’re wasting your breath and you’re going to need it because the air's not getting any better."

"He looks and acts like a man who’s been painting his face with orange lead for forty years. His people know, they don’t care...He could have Anne Frank‘s skeleton in his closet. They'd all vote for him again.”

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