Stars of Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford made their "Ellen DeGeneres Show" debut Monday to discuss why the series has resonate and when the duo realized it had become such a hit.

"There was definitely a really big moment for me like a week ago,” Langford told Ellen. "I don’t have Twitter, but Lady Gaga tweeted at me, like reposted an interview where I was fangirling and wrote, 'Katherine' with a love heart. And I kind of freaked out a little bit."

Minnette said he realized how big the show had become after spending the weekend at Coachella where he heard people whispering around him and fans yelling out his characters name, Clay, during the festival.

After explaining the plot of the series for those who may not have seen, Ellen shared why she thinks the show has become a hit.

"I think it's amazing and I think the reason its resonating is most people, and not just teenagers, no matter how old you are has experienced some type of that abuse, whatever it is."

Ellen said the show has been called out recently for its heavy content, suggesting that people may not realize that this is actually what kids in high school go through.

"I know there's a lot of controversy because people say there's a lot of heaviness in this show, and there is a lot of heaviness, but in high school right now even younger, kids are experiencing bullying and all kinds of different things, so you're doing a service to parents to help them with their kids, understanding this," she said.

Minnette agreed with Ellen: "I think the whole goal overall is to start conversations that we think are necessary to be had. To bring these issues to light and show them in a real way and if people are talking about it, we've reached our goal."

Of course, Ellen didn't let them leave without asking if there will be a Season 2, but they both said they have not idea what's happening.

As a gift to Langford, who turned 21 on Saturday, Ellen surprised the actress with VIP tickets to meet Lady Gaga.