It Was Hanna's Turn to Roll The Dice on 'Pretty Little Liars'
'Pretty Little Liars' The Final Season

First it was Spencer and Emily, but in Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars” it was Hanna’s turn to roll the dice. Hanna is the unlucky Liar who gets to play “Liar’s Lament,” and let’s just say it doesn’t go so well.

There’s a sudden and terrifying banging on her door at the same moment the creepy game phone goes off with a message “answer the door.” Turns out to be a disheveled Hanna mannequin on the other side, because of course there is. And let’s not forget, it talks…because of course it does.

Now that Caleb and his brains are involved in the game, we are sure the girls will have their answers soon. But not so fast! Hanna figures out that the “appendix” the mannequin tells her to look for, is not in the back of some book, but rather inside the creepy Hanna clone itself. She plays an adult version of Operation on the thing, and it bleeds. Yes, the mannequin bleeds out everywhere. Using kitchen tongs, Hanna pulls out a dress that A.D. tells her to wear to an upcoming and very important business meeting with Lucas and these rich Japanese investors.

While Hanna is on her way to the meeting, dressed in a highly offensive micro-mini kimono (a la A.D.), Caleb is at Spencer’s place trying to break into the board game. But turns out, when you mess with “Liar’s Lament,” you get gassed!

Just as she’s about to offend the potential Japanese investors, and potentially ruin her fashion career forever, Hanna gets word that Caleb is in the hospital and runs off, leaving Lucas to handle the meeting on his own.

Caleb is fine. The meeting was fine (as far as we know). But Hanna failed to complete her task.

While Spencer and Emily both got prizes (however unwanted they may be) and pieces to a puzzle for completing their tasks, Hanna failed to complete A.D.’s request and therefore goes home empty handed leaving us to wonder what her prize would have been. What we do find out, however, is her consequence for failing…a severed finger (presumably Rollins’?) delivered to Detective Furey’s office.


Everything else you missed…

Yvonne finally woke up from her coma. In case you forgot, Toby’s girlfriend was badly injured in a car accident as they were moving out of Rosewood. Toby, of course, is by her bedside when she comes out of it, and immediately hands her a ring because he’s “been waiting days.” They couple exchange “I dos” from her hospital bed, though there were no witnesses (odd, right?). But don’t get too excited for the newlyweds, because just as they are discussing their future together, Yvonne’s bouquet drops to the floor and she passes.

Aria caught the last minutes of a news interview with Nicole where she admits that the thought of seeing Ezra again kept her alive during her disappearance. And as if we are not so over Nicole as it is, she creepily shows up in Ezra and Aria’s apartment and Aria nearly went at her with a kitchen knife. What could she possibly want?

Emily and Aria track down (aka stalk) Sydney after figuring out she is the one behind the bad press Hanna’s fashion line is receiving. Though she says she was merely doing Jenna a favor the last time we heard from her, Aria hacks into her phone (Caleb taught her how) and quickly discovers that was a lie. While doing Jenna another “favor,” Sydney references A.D., aka Anonymous Donor, leaving Em and Aria to figure out what role she is playing in this whole mess.

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm on Freeform.

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