Donald Trump doesn't seem to care about climate change, previously declaring that it is a hoax, but Trevor Noah has some ideas on how we can make POTUS give a damn.

On Wednesday's "The Daily Show," Trevor Noah explained why it's in the best interest of the President to finally start caring about the earth, and offered up suggestions on how to get him to do so, highlighting last weekend's Climate March that had protesters lining up outside the White House.

"Most recent protests have been about things that could potentially happen," Noah said. "Like women losing the right to choose or science being defunded or Trump’s plan to change the national bird from the bald eagle to a bucket of KFC."

Noah added that unlike things that could happen, climate change is actually happening, so it's imperative that we figure out some way to get Trump to care. Noah's first idea: Talk to his children.

"He doesn't care about wildlife, he doesn't care about famine and drought all over the world, he doesn't care if it gets warmer, that just means he gets tanner," Noah said. "There is one thing, one thing though, that might get Trump to care about climate -- and it's his children."

The screen behind Noah flashed a photo of Trump with all of his children, to which Noah said, "No, no, the one's he raised." The photo was then swapped out to a picture of Trump's skyscrapers.

Also at risk of climate change is Trump's beloved Mar-a-Lago club in Florida. Noah played a clip of a reporter saying that the luxury resort that Trump frequents is likely to suffer from rising waters, putting a quarter of it under water if the climate does not improve.

"President Trump, if by some miracle, you see this clip, I just want to say this: You may not care about climate change, but I know you care about winning, which is why you’re not going to let climate change kick your ass by flooding your winter wonderland. Come on, President Trump, it’s time for you to stand up and tell the world nobody sinks your properties but you!"

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