What Hollywood Is Saying About GOP Healthcare Bill: 'Make These Motherf--kers Pay For What They Just Did'

While Republicans are cracking open beers and celebrating in Washington D.C., celebrities in Hollywood are seething - and rallying their fans to fight back.

The House of Representatives voted on Thursday to approve a measure to "repeal and replace" Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act, with a final count of 217-213.

Taking down President Obama's healthcare plan has been a top priority for Republicans for the past seven years, so this vote is being hailed as the first big victory for President Trump and his supporters. Republicans were bused to the White House for a victory lap and a jubilant speech from the President, while staffers were seen wheeling cases of beer into Congress.

The bill, known as the American Health Care Act, would allow states to opt out of many key provisions of Obamacare, including those intended to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Critics - including the American Medical Association and the AARP - say the bill could cause millions of Americans to lose their health insurance and is essentially an excuse to slash Medicaid and give a massive tax cut to the wealthy.

Trump has promised that premiums and deductibles will come down under the plan, but the House rushed the vote through before the Congressional Budget Office could estimate how many Americans will be affected or how much it will cost. Despite Republicans' celebrations, it remains very uncertain whether the bill can make it through the Senate and to the President's desk, at least in its current form.

In the meantime, left-leaning activists in the entertainment industry are venting their frustration and doing their best to make supporters of the bill pay a heavy price for their vote.