4 'Pretty Little Liars' Bombshells Everyone Will Be Talking About
'Pretty Little Liars' Final Season

After a stale trio of season openers, "Pretty Little Liars" finally brings back its twisted ways, and we FINALLY get some answers. Alison's up to bat at the manipulative board game and though she completes her task, things don't go off without a hitch.

Baby Mama Drama


First Veronica Hastings turns out not to be Spencer’s real mother, and now we find out Alison is not the mother to the baby she is carrying! After Alison made the decision to abort her pregnancy, she takes her chances (as if she has a choice) on the demon board game and is led to a baby store. After being tortured into creating a baby registry, she is presented with her prize by the cashier, a gift placed on hold for her egg donor. Um, what?!

Emily. It’s Emily’s baby! Those eggs that she donated for some extra cash that ended up disappearing, they made their way into Alison’s womb. Well, at least one of them did.

Jessica DiLaurentis’ Murderer


Flashback a few years to Jessica DiLaurentis’ murder…We finally have our answers.

When Mary Drake (who we now know was Charles’ mother), found that her son was dead she was out for revenge. Even though we now know that Charles was alive and well, just living as Charlotte.

Peter Hastings was explaining to Spencer why he’s trying to keep Mary Drake away. “She wanted [Jessica DiLaurentis] to pay, she wanted her dead. And when I refused to help, she turned on me too. Mary killed her sister. She used my pills to do it and she buried her in our backyard. She killed Jessica and did everything she could to frame me for it.”

Ted Wilson


Does that name ring a bell? We didn’t think so! We had to go back pretty far into the PLL archives for this one. To refresh your memory, Ted is that pastor that Hanna’s mom, Ashley Marin, nearly married a few seasons back. He makes his return to Rosewood as Spencer and Hanna go door-to-door in search of Mary Drake. Though he denies having seen her, we’re not fools, and our suspicions are immediately confirmed. (Harboring a fugitive, that’s 3-5 years minimum.) Thank goodness his pastor side got the better of him, and he comes clean to Hanna.

Here’s where it gets weird though…Ted Wilson turns out to be Charlotte’s (aka Charles DiLaurentis … aka CeCe Drake) father. He only knew her as Charles, the soft spoken, sweet boy, smarter than all the others from the youth camp for troubled boys. Turns out, 15 years later, Ted is barely finding out he was Charles’ father.

And just when you think things couldn’t get any more twisted, we find out that Lucas (our favorite millionaire) was Charles’ only friend at that camp.

Aria Goes to the Dark Side


Aria is at her breaking point with all the drama, with the Liars and with Ezra, and as unbelievable as it sounds, she’s considering switching to the dark side. After being lured away from her friends and into a creepy limo, Sydney comes clean to shooting Spencer (finally!), creating Liar’s Lament and helping Jenna escape the school for the blind. She offers Aria a way out, and looks like she might be considering it.

Be sure to tune in next week to get some more answers (we hope)!

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