Trevor Noah was joined by "Daily Show" corespondent Michelle Wolf on Monday night to tear into the GOP over its health care bill, which is now in the Senate's hands after passing through the House.

Wolf was peeved that the group who will be crafting the Senate's own version of the health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act is compromised of 13 white men and zero women.

"I’m not sure this is a bill as much as it’s a line from a Notorious B.I.G. song," Wolf said. "Republicans were just like, 'F--k bitches, get money.'"

"It just doesn’t look like a panel that protects women," she said. "That looks like the panel that says, 'Well, she drowned. Guess she wasn’t a witch. Let’s throw in another one!'"

In pointing out that the panel was able to get "two Mormons, but no women," Wolf did suggest that there is a way to solve this issue -- having women in Congress talk about their periods.

"The men will disappear like a boner when you smell Grandma," she said. "And then us women can handle this shit ourselves. And don’t worry, congressmen, under our plan, we’ll cover assholes."

Before Wolf came out, Noah slammed GOP representatives who voted in favor of the health care bill without reading the entire thing.

"If you haven't read all of the details yet, guess what? You're qualified to be a congressman," Noah said before playing clips of various congressmen saying things like, "I turned through every page" and "I did no, but I can assure you my staff did."

More than 200 of the 217 representatives who voted for the bill have avoided scheduling town hall meetings during this week's recess, which Noah said is proof that even they are ashamed of the decision.

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