The Really Bonkers Reason Everyone Is Talking About Avril Lavigne
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Avril Lavigne can say she's followed in Paul McCartney's footsteps -- they both have a surprising number of people convinced that they're secretly dead and have been replaced by a lookalike.

Everyone's favorite punk princess started trending on Twitter Sunday night as an old conspiracy theory started circulating on the 14th anniversary of her single "Complicated."

Twitter user @givenchyass started it all with a lengthy tweet thread claiming that Lavigne killed herself in 2003 and her record label covered it up, replacing her with a body double named Melissa Vandella.

The theory covers everything from the change in Lavigne's musical style and fashion choices to photos comparing the shape of her face, the location of certain birthmarks and her handwriting.

It even claims that "Melissa" left hints about Lavigne's death in the lyrics to some of her songs, including "My Happy Ending" and "Nobody's Home."

This story has actually been around for a while. It started several years ago on a Brazillian blog called Avril Esta Morta, which BuzzFeed reporter Ryan Broderick discovered was set up as an inside joke to show how conspiracy theories can seem true. In a funny twist, his amused tweets about the blog went viral and turned into a big internet conspiracy theory, completely proving the blog's point.

And now the story is back to ruin your work productivity for the rest of the day.

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