When you're the busiest man in Hollywood, you're bound to make an occasional blunder.

Ryan Seacrest had an embarrassing moment Wednesday when he mistook Jeffrey Tambor for deceased actor Vincent Schiavelli.

The "Live" co-host praised Tambor for his work in the 1990 Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore film "Ghost" -- but unfortunately Tambor never appeared in the movie.

"We talked about the things you have done and are doing, but to me, you’re the scary guy on the subway in 'Ghost,'" Seacrest said.

"Oh, this is horrible. You’re gonna be embarrassed," Tambor said. "That’s not me."

Seacrest could only laugh at himself at this point, but Tambor ribbed the host a bit more. "We tried to book Vincent Schiavelli, but he's passed away and here I am."

Of course, an image of the late actor popped up on the screen to which Tambor concluded could be easily mistaken for himself.

"Look, spitting image, right?" Tambor said. "What is wrong with you? I came here to sell a book, not to be insulted."

"I am hurt. My reps are here, and we are filing an action suit. I came on in good Faith, Art [his rep] said it's going to be fine, he gave me these little pills in the dressing room," Tambor joked.

Tambor’s book, "Are You Anybody?: A Memoir," is in stores now.

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