Katy Perry literally put her head on a platter for a new video and the outcome is all kinds of uncomfortable.

To help promote her latest single "Bon Appetit," the singer filmed a video with Vanity Fair, where she posed as part of an art installation at the Whitney Museum.

Those who visited the installation -- which features Perry sticking her head through a picnic table -- were told they were seeing the art of "Katheryn Hudson," Katy's real name.

While a couple of the guests were seen telling their friends "I think that's Katy Perry," most of them appeared to have no clue who she was even after being told her name.

Maybe it was the short new 'do that threw everyone off or the smartypants visiting the Whitney just aren't fans, but the whole thing came off feeling very bizarre.

Comments on the video's YouTube page include, "That was so f--king cringy," "No one knew who she was," "That was quite awkward" and "what sort of reaction were they expecting?"

One of the women in the video also commented on the clip, explaining that the whole thing was "pretty quick," they weren't allowed to take photos and called it "a fun experience."

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