The Texas man who filed a lawsuit against a woman for texting during their movie date has finally received justice in the amount of $17.31, thanks to a face-to-face mediation session facilitated by Inside Edition.

Crystal Cruz and Brandon Vezmar were brought together in the "Inside Edition" segment (above)in order to help them resolve the dispute outside of court.

"The date just didn't work out," Cruz told Vezmar during their awkward reunion, which took place at the very same theater in Austin. "Just leave this alone."

Vezmar accepted her money and apology and said he would withdraw his suit stemming from the woman not only texting during "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," but ditching him in the middle of the movie after he told her to put the phone away.

Cruz and Vezmar met on dating app Bumble. After their disastrous first date, Vezmar sent the following text message to Cruz: "Crystal, your behavior Saturday was not only rude but it cost me money. I want you to compensate me for the $17 movie ticket. Will you do this or do I have to pursue the money in small claims court?"

When Cruz told him she would not be paying him back, Vezmar went ahead and filed the claim.

Cruz called the ordeal "insane," and said she only sent "a total of three texts" in the theater to tell a friend she was safe on her date.

According to Vezmar, the messages were incessant and began very soon after the start of the movie. When he suggested she get up and finish her texting outside the theater, Cruz left and did not return.

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