Bill Maher believes Donald Trump became President due to America’s intense love for superheroes.

After listing off many Hollywood favorites, the “Real Time" host said almost everything we see on the screen today incorporates some sort of superhuman, which has led to the mindset that “we are not masters of our own destiny.”

Thus, Maher thinks the world got too comfortable and allowed Hollywood’s unrealistic expectations influence a “Star Lord and a f**king raccoon to sweep in and save our sorry asses.”

“And that’s how we got our latest superhero, ‘Orange Sphincter,’” Maher said.

Maher explained that Trump is just like Batman because he is “a billionaire socialite from Gothom," draws comparisons to Superman because he “has a red cape, but wears it in the front” and is also like Aquaman because “he can communicate with whales”, referring to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He also compared him to Spider-Man, because he “has a spidey sense that allows him to see things other people cannot.”

The host's parting words: it's time to change the story arc so "in this fight for America, we need to be our own superheroes."

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