The hits keep on coming for Kathy Griffin, who was slammed on "The View" Wednesday morning over her controversial photoshoot with Donald Trump's bloodied, severed head.

All the panelists were in agreement that the Tyler Shields shoot was a bad idea for the comedian, as they condemned the message and attempt at humor Griffin tried to make.

"I thought it was bad, I thought it was awful. Like him or not -- and you can debate his policy -- he's the president," Jedediah Bila said at the top of the discussion. "When I saw that, all I thought of is his kid, I thought of that child seeing that image. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. It bothered me. You can't do this stuff with a sitting president."

Sara Haines blasted Griffin for using the bloody mannequin head for the shoot, saying it's "an image that doesn't make anyone sit comfortably ... that image specifically, gives people visceral reactions."

Sunny Hostin said she and Whoopi Goldberg were e-mailing back and forth on Tuesday after the image dropped online.

"Is this some kind of weird performance art that I just don't get? I'm so offended by it, it's so vile and foul, maybe it's funny and I just don't get it." she said she sent Goldberg. Whoopi's response: "It's just not funny."

"Chelsea Clinton said a great thing, you should never talk about assassinating a president," Goldberg added this morning. "As comics, we sometimes go across the line and she made a mistake. You don't want to bring up beheading, thinking of Daniel Pearl, we had all this violence happen in the last couple days."

Joy Behar said she didn't "see an actual joke" with the images, adding that she doesn't think the photos are "helping her career in the least."

While Goldberg wasn't sure whether the move was a career ender, she said she believes Griffin now knows the error of her ways.

"We have all stepped in it. What you do is you learn from the consequences of stepping in it," she explained. "Sometimes you do stuff and you don't see what other people see and suddenly you discover people say, sorry this does not work. It's a terrible thing."

"All I can say is how I feel and what I feel is, she made a mistake and she's paying the consequence and she's not going on and on about how you should berate her and beat her, that's not gonna fix it," Whoopi continued. "She already knows she's in doo doo. She appeared in that video, somebody said, 'You get on there right now, get off the toilet and make that video.'"

Goldberg ended the conversation by explaining why she thinks this isn't a left or right issue, but "just a stupid bad mistake one person made."

"Y'all have made 'em, we have made' em, we're moving on."