Sarah Palin Unloads on 'Deranged' Kathy Griffin and  Her 'Crocodile Tears' at Press Conference
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Sarah Palin is next on the list of celebrities ripping into Kathy Griffin for her now infamous photoshoot

"Kathy Griffin has mercilessly attacked children for years," she wrote in a passionate Facebook post alongside a photo of her with her 9-year-old son, Trig.

The former Governor of Alaska then got into some personal experience with the comedienne, going as far as calling her "deranged."

"When this 'celebrity' (who 'celebrates' her, btw?) traveled all the way to Wasilla and actually knocked on my home's door to personally humiliate my kids again, I knew she was deranged," Palin said.

After Griffin's emotional press conference with Lawyer Lisa Bloom on Friday morning, where she apologized again for her gruesome image with President Trump's decapitated head, Palin still showed no sympathy.

Palin continued, "And today Kathy claims SHE is the victim! Kathy's crocodile tears at her publicity-seeking press conference today mean nothing to mothers who've witnessed the ramifications her sick acts have had on precious children."

"On behalf of Melania Trump…I'll bite my tongue in print and not say what I'd actually tell her to her face... I'll keep it civil and merely tell her after her ridiculous self-serving statements today: Suck it. Up. Cupcake," she added.

See her full post below:

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