Netflix In June: 11 Most Binge-Worthy New Arrivals

The inmates are officially running the asylum... at least for now.

As we return to the not-so-friendly confines of Litchfield Penitentiary for "Orange Is The New Black" Season 5, we find there has been a dramatic shift in power. Following the shocking death of Poussey at the end of Season 4, the inmates rioted and seized control of the prison.

As Season 5 kicks off (June 9 on Netflix), the guards are now the prisoners and the prisoners are now calling the shots. That is, if they can agree on what those shots should be.

No doubt the events of Season 5 will shake Litchfield to the core, testing loyalties and strength of will along the way. Just how far will the ladies of Litchfield go to retain their (we assume, temporary) grasp of control? And who can be trusted along the way?

TooFab has everything you need to know heading into Season 5 of "OITNB."

The Clock Is Ticking

All 13 episodes of Season 5 will play out in "real time" over the course of only three days. That doesn't leave much time for set up, a wandering narrative or too many of those flashbacks we've come to know and love. "You better get ready," star Danielle Brooks said earlier this year of the hyper-condensed new season. "Get your popcorn, your tissues." AKA, strap on your riot gear, people – we're being thrown right into the middle of the madness.

After Poussey, Who's Next?

The gut-wrenching death of Poussey (Samira Wiley) at the end of Season 4 triggered the new sequence of events – and it's safe to say it's only the beginning. Hard to believe everyone will survive the riot inside the prison walls, or the aftermath. We know Daya's got a gun, and it's aimed right at CO Humphrey (we won't spoil, but the outcome of that situation is revealed rather quickly in the first episode). As for the inmates, would the series really consider killing off Taystee, Crazy Eyes, Red, Daya or… gasp… even Piper?!? Would be a bit of a gut-punch for showrunner Jenji Kohan to make us say goodbye to another favorite so quick. But, as we inside the walls of Litchfield, anything goes.

Who's Really In Charge?

"If we want to turn this place right, we have to speak as one united group," so begins the teaser for Season 5. Nice thought. But anyone who has peaked inside Litchfield knows, that is easier said than done. Daya's got a gun. That helps. But who will be calling the shots? Piper wants to help. Maybe her? We know Taystee has a lot to say – and no problem saying it, to anyone or anywhere. We are rooting for the ladies' fight for justice to come to fruition – but we are not optimistic.

If You Don't Want To Wait...

While all 13 episodes of Season 5 will drop on June 9, thanks to a lowdown dirty hacker, you don't have to wait if you don't want to. Nearly all of the season was leaked, and there are "recaps" and spoilers aplenty posted by those who have watched. But seriously, where's the fun in that? Unless everyone you know is watching the leaks too, it's not like you can discuss it with anyone. And with three days of real time drama being crammed into 13 episodes, there is bound to be plenty to talk about.

"Orange Is The New Black" Season 5 drops Friday, June 9 on Netflix.

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