Ice Cube on Bill Maher's N-Word Scandal: 'Liberals Can Be Just as Racist as Conservatives'
'90s Scandals -- Then and Now

Ice Cube didn't pull out of appearing on this Friday's "Real Time with Bill Mahrer" after the comedian's n-word scandal unfolded on the air last week, but that doesn't mean one of the biggest black stars in Hollywood doesn't have a strong opinion on the matter.

"Liberals can be just as racist as conservatives. But everybody needs to check they self before they wreck they self," he told the Los Angeles Times in an interview published Thursday.

"We can’t always be the go-to joke, you know. It’s like slapping the weakling in the group doesn’t make you cool," he added. "It doesn’t make you funny — it makes you nothing but a bully."

Was the former N.W.A member personally offended? No, and he never considered backing out of his scheduled appearance, but he does expect it to be a talking point.

"I’m pretty sure it’s going to come up," Cube said.

Maher found himself in hot water last Friday for a comment he made on his own show. After telling Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska that he needed to visit the state more often, Sasse made the comment, "We’d love to have you work in the fields with us."

Then Maher risked his entire career with this joke: "Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house n----r."

Although both Maher and HBO immediately apologized, the public began calling for the show's cancellation and Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota (and former "Saturday Night Live" star) pulled out of his upcoming appearance shortly after.

"I love Bill Maher’s show, but sometimes he’s got more black jokes than a white trucker," Cube said.

After breaking out as a rapper, Cube went on to write, produce and star in the "Friday" and "Barbershop" franchises, while also starring in a variety of other movies including "Three Kings," "Ride Along" and "21 Jump Street."

Find out what else Ice Cube has to say on the matter when he faces Maher on Friday's "Real Time."

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