Always on the hunt for a new business venture, James Corden convinced Tom Cruise to come aboard a cruise to commemorate the actor's most memorable films.

In a segment from Wednesday night's "Late Late Show," Corden took a seemingly nervous Cruise on a tour of the cruise, which was complete with props and decor from "Mission Impossible," "Risky Business" and "Top Gun."

"What better way to start Tom's cruise [than with] a 'Risky Business' contest?!" Corden yelled excitedly before a crowd of on-board contestants, who took turns attempting to recreate Cruise's signature sock-slide move from the movie.

The tide quickly turned when Cruise's bartending skills made him Mr. Popular among the rambunctious crowd, and Corden was left all alone on the makeshift set of "The Late Late Show" up on the top deck.

Cruise comforted a distraught Corden, and the two eventually came to a truce. They were joined by the folks on board the boat for a rendition of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," made popular by Cruise's "Top Gun."

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