'Bachelor In Paradise' Scandal: 3 Newest Corinne-DeMario Developments And Alumni Reactions
'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 4 Cast

“Bachelor in Paradise” may have just experienced the franchise’s messiest disaster, and there are still plenty of updates pouring in.

In case you missed it, the ABC hit spinoff abruptly shut down production on filming Season 4 after allegations of “misconduct” were reported. "BIP" had only been filming for a few days before it was suspended “indefinitely” and sent the cast members back home from their filming location in Sayulita, Mexico.

Corinne Olympios was confirmed for BIP this summer even though she is in a committed relationship. Filming officially began on June 4 with other Bachelor favorites Amanda Stanton, Robby Hayes and Lacey Mark.

On Sunday, a Warner Bros. rep confirmed to TooFab that production had been halted due to “allegations of misconduct.” At the time, there were no details as to what could have occurred in Paradise, just that the studio had launched an immediate internal investigation into the incident.

Later that night, it was revealed that a producer complained about footage of DeMario Jackson and Olympios getting too sexual in a swimming pool. According to TMZ, the pair were told by producers that a hookup between two of the villains of the franchise would be a fun storyline so they began to drink together at the bar.

So what exactly occurred on the drama, hookup-filled reality show? Here are the newest developments:

Corinne Olympios Claims She Did Not Consent to Sexual Contact, Insiders Say

Individuals close to Olympios claim that the pool hookup between she and Jackson happened because the producers didn't put an end to the sexual engagement when they knew how blackout drunk she was. The "Bachelor" star has already hired a lawyer to represent her.

TMZ reports that the day after the incident in the pool fellow cast members began telling Olympios accounts of what occurred with DeMario.

"She said several cast members told her they had voiced concern to people on the production crew that she was in no position to consent to sexual activity, but the crew did not heed their warnings," according to TMZ.

DeMario Jackson Claims They Were Both Drunk and It Was Consensual

Jackson told TMZ that there was a lot of “intense rubbing” and Olympios wanted to take the fun to the pool with the cameras rolling. They both continued to make out and take off their clothes and that’s when the “rubbing, touching and fingering” began. Jackson couldn’t engage in intercourse due to the amount of alcohol he consumed, so Olympios stuck her genitals in his face and he began licking.

Everything seemed fine on the next day of filming until the pair were called in by the show's executive producer and told that one of the female producers was “uncomfortable” with the footage that was shot the prior night.

The producer has since filed a formal complaint with Warner Bros. because she believes that Olympios may have been sexually assaulted, although Jackson claims that everything was consensual on both ends.

Later that day the majority of the announced cast were spotted taking selfies together at the airport in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico flying back home from set. Jackson and Olympios were not seen in any of the photos.

What 'Bachelor' Franchise Alums Are Saying

In wake of the shocking allegations, past "BIP" contestants took to social media to share their concern, confusion and shock.