Star Jones had a mix of praise and blunt criticism for former "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck while spilling on the daytime talk show on "Watch What Happens Live" Sunday.

"Did she ever say anything on the air to you that made you nuts?" Andy Cohen asked the former "View" panelist.

"Every single day," Jones said, but explained they "100 percent" got along off camera.

"Liked her, love her; smart, kind young lady," Jones said. "Makes no sense whatsoever on the air."

When asked which co-host Joy Behar disliked the most, Jones said "all of us."

"She loves us, but she doesn't like us," Jones said.

That wasn't her only cryptic answer. When asked for her opinion on Sherri Shepherd's view that the world is flat, Jones simply said, "Bless her heart."

Watch the video above to see what Jones had to say about "The View" OG Barbara Walters.

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