Kate McKinnon whipped out her impression of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Tuesday night.

The "Rough Night" star, who regularly played Sessions on "Saturday Night Live" this past season, told Seth Meyers she is getting severe FOMO (fear of missing out) with all of these insane political developments, which she can't make fun of on TV every weekend now that "SNL" is on hiatus.

“There’s a party going on and I’m not there,” she said as she faked tears to Meyers. “I know what’s going on because I read about it on the internet, but I can’t comment on it.”

The comedian, who previously won a Primetime Emmy Award for her impersonation of Hillary Clinton during the months leading up to the election, eased her way into the Sessions impression by talking about how it started - the ability to curl her top lip into a Grinch-like smile.

She said her Sessions' impression on "SNL" was originally a joke pitch that turned into a popular character. Then she curled that top lip and started lampooning the attorney general's testimony in front of the Senate on Tuesday.

“Oath? Oath is such a strong word," she said as Sessions. "Now, when I said oath - no, I thought I was saying oats in one of those lispy Barcelona accents."

"And Sergey Kislyak, I only met him two times - three times - okay, three times. But the third time was in a men’s restroom and we was just talking about what a trial it is to get soap out of those electric soap dispensers," she continued. "And you know, Comey asked me to keep Trump out of his way, right? And they’re saying I didn’t respond, but the truth is, I didn’t hear him. Because this guy is about 6’8” and I had heard a sound above my head and thought it was a cicada.”

And while we're talking late-night impressions, Broadway/"Nashville" star Laura Benanti also returned to "The Late Show" on CBS to revive her Melania Trump on Wednesday.

See what she had to say about moving into the White House in the video below.