How 'Rough Night's' Dead Stripper Role Led to Ryan Cooper's Baby Girl
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The actor who plays the dead stripper in "Rough Night" had so much fun practicing his striptease on his wife that it led to her pregnancy.

Ryan Cooper, a carpenter-turned-model-actor, talked to TooFab about his pivotal role in the raunchy, R-rated comedy alongside Scarlett Johansson, Jillian Bell, Zoë Kravitz, Ilana Glazer and Kate McKinnon. In the movie hitting theaters this weekend, the wild women go to Miami for ScarJo's bachelorette party, but things get turned upside down when they accidentally kill one of the two strippers the hire as entertainment.

Despite his early death in the movie, Cooper assured us that he does indeed get to show off his moves, which apparently went over very well with his wife.

"We also have a baby now from that time period, so we got a lot out of it," the Australian actor told TooFab.

Take a look at the interview below to find out how he prepped for the part, his tips for male strippers and thoughts on strip clubs in general.

Did you ever expect to be a stripper in your lifetime?

I had big dreams to play a stripper, I did, and I think that’s what I would tell the kids – and my kid – that dream big. Dreams do come true. If you wanna be a stripper, put it out there, and it could happen to you. So no matter what you wanna be – if you wanna be a dog walker, put it out there. You can do it.

What did your wife say about you taking on the role of a stripper?

She actually didn’t mind at all. We actually had a lot of fun practicing my moves, which was wonderful. We also have a baby now from that time period, so we got a lot out of it. Ryan got a new dance routine; we also have a baby girl.

How did you prep for the role?

I had seen “Magic Mike” 33 and a half times, so obviously, I watched that again. I did watch some YouTube videos, and I did take some dance lessons, and I ended up having a little bit of a routine ready to go, but I was asked to tone it down for the plot twist later on to make it make a little more sense. She said, ‘Just do as you had…the awkward dancing in the audition.’”

Do we get to see your striptease in the movie?

You do get to see some striptease. How you would rate that striptease? I would like to hear your take on that when you’ve seen the movie.

Do you have any tips for aspiring male strippers who may be watching?

Just get to the beans, and don’t say nasty things to the ladies that you’re stripping for. Scarlett and I are actually really good friends, so I had to apologize after because some of the stuff was very hard to say.

You were surrounded by some of the funniest ladies in Hollywood during the shoot. Who made you laugh the hardest?

Kate [McKinnon] is the kindest, sweetest, funniest person alive. They’re all wonderful, but she really is just a gem and knows how to have fun, knows how to treat people nicely and knows how to get the sides of your mouth turned in the upward direction.

Strip clubs: Good time or waste of money?

I’ve personally only been once before in my entire life. I feel like it’s OK for a while. I don’t honestly enjoy them so much, but each to their own.

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