The Internet went wild with sexism claims after Senator Kamala Harris was interrupted by her male colleagues during Jeff Sessions' testimony, but the women on "The View" were split down the middle on whether gender played a part in the proceedings.

Though the panel all agreed that former Donald Trump aid Jason Miller accusing Harris of "hysteria" following the hearing was 100 percent sexist, they disagreed over if the cutoffs themselves were.

"Do you think they would ever use the word hysterical against a male senator?" asked Joy Behar.

"The would never do it. I know Kamala Harris," answered Sunny Hostin. "I think what's so offensive is she's the most even-keeled, stately person you will meet. She's a former prosecutor and she was using that experience to cross examine him."

"You want that but you still have to let him qualify, you have to let them finish," Paula Faris responded. "The more information the better and I think you can qualify as much as you need to."

"It's a Greek word, which means uterus, as in grab them by the ..." Behar said of Miller's choice of words. "It refers only to women. It's uterus."

"If you watch her, she doesn't often times let people answer the question, that's a fact," Jedediah Bila then said. "She doesn't let them answer, to a point where they're like 'Can I answer the question?'"

"You need to be really careful when you label everything sexist," she then warned. "She's a big girl, she's smart, she's capable, I don't need to feel sorry in this situation."

"But you know how many headlines I read saying, 'Oh she was interrupted,' so what?" Bila asked. "We all get interrupted at this table all the time, are we sexist?"

"They don't do it to men," Hostin clapped back.

"Nonsense," Bila responded. "They interrupt men all the time and I think it's hysteria to always label ... there's real racism, there's real sexism, there's all of these isms, there are all these examples of that, but when we rush to say this is sexist immediately or this is racist I think we demean those actual instances where it happens."

Bila also pointed out similar discussions during the debates between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. "There was nothing sexist about it and too many people are leaping to inject that word, sexism, into too much commentary," she added.

Jedediah did concede that Miller's use of "hysteria" was "ridiculous."

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