Just two weeks after Bill Maher was under fire so saying the n-word on "Real Time," the host is stirring up more controversy, this time for bonding with Breitbart editor Alex Marlow.

The interview was predicted to be full back-and-fourth debates from the duo, but instead, they came to agree on a number of sensitive topics, including free speech.

Marlow, who is an outspoken Trump supporter, said liberals would be quite upset if President Barack Obama was stabbed in a rendition of Julius Caesar.

“If Obama was Julius Caesar and he got stabbed, I think liberals would be angry about that,” Maher said.

“Oh, absolutely,” Marlow added. “It would be bedlam in the media. The same thing with the Kathy Griffin thing, with holding up President Trump’s head with blood on it, which was not funny. It was bizarre performance art.”

“I disagree with that too,” Maher agreed with his guest. “I don’t think they should have Trump playing Julius Caesar and getting stabbed, and I hate Trump…So we’re agreeing that there are some places where free speech does pause.”

Marlow also noted that corporations, like his own, are often hindered by people boycotting what they don't agree with. Marlow said that the number of sponsors and advertisers that have pulled out from working with his website is disheartening for advocates of free speech.

“What’s happened is that corporations are now deciding what’s free and fair speech, who can make a living, what opinions can make a living saying,” Marlow said. “Now you’re seeing the right fight fire with fire and want boycotts of when the left takes it too far in their Trump hatred.”

“It’s a very dangerous path we’re on," he added. "People on the left and the right who are free speech advocates need to come together and say that corporations are not going to define the First Amendment and free speech in this country."

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The Internet wasn't too thrilled about the interview, with The Daily Beast characterizing it as a "bizarre lovefest." See more reactions below: