It got emotional really fast for Lisa Vanderpump during her psychic reading with "Hollywood Medium" star Tyler Henry.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star asked to be connected with her late grandmother during their session, which was filmed inside her West Hollywood restaurant, Pump.

"She acknowledges that she was waiting for you before we even got here today," Tyler told her in the preview clip from Wednesday's episode. "And she acknowledges that she knows she's been talked to, asked to be around, like come through. There's a whole feeling of like, I was with you before you came today."

Vanderpump revealed she had been trying to reach her grandmother since her death 10 years ago, but has never seen any "evidence" of a connection.

According to Henry, Lisa shouldn't be on the lookout for signs.

"It's like, if she's gonna communicate to you, you're just gonna know or feel what she would've done," said the medium. "And that's more of the way that she seems to connect." Henry also acknowledged that kind of connection can be "frustrating."

His advice: "I think if you really are open enough, you will feel her essence coming through."

After hearing Lisa's grandmother would be "proud of everything you went on to do," Vanderpump teared up.

"Life is so short really and we learn that sometimes when we lose people. It was very comforting to know she's still present in the universe and she's somehow connected to me still.

"I think you knew how your grandmother viewed you in life and her personalities, so you know no doubt that she would've been proud of everything you went on to do."

After hearing this, Lisa breaks down in tears and thanks Tyler. She then explains that "life is so short" and it was "comforting" to learn that her grandma is still connected to her.

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