All late-night host Bill Maher could do was laugh after another slim Republican victory this week during Georgia’s sixth congressional district special election.

"I think I know why you are all excited tonight," Maher joked to open his monologue, "because a Democrat almost won the election."

"I heard Trump say the other day 'Obamacare is a disaster.' I just don't hear the counterargument," Bill Maher said during his HBO talk show Friday night. "Republicans are great at saying something that's completely untrue, and then having Democrats just flinch," Maher added.

Maher's argument is that with all the time and money the Democratic Party pours into each election, who is to blame for each loss? According to Maher it is not the Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi, but rather the Democrats' themselves for not fighting back.

"There's this fake debate, I think, about 'should the Democrats move left or right.' It's not that. It's about how you fight," the Real Time host said. "Have some balls."

"You know this: Donald Trump is the worst person ever, and he's a Republican and he's president, and yet, since he's been president there's been four special elections. Democrats: 0-4 in the Trump era. Democrats are so lame that the Russians were like, 'We were going to hack this election, but why bother?'" Maher added.

Before finishing his monologue, Maher threw in a little wisdom. "Folks, I have to tell you: Democrats have to stop losing elections because—sorry, Republican viewers, I love ya—but the wrong people are in power. And they are not afraid to use that power."

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