'Bachelor in Paradise' Breaks One Big Rule for Contestant Amanda Stanton (Exclusive)
'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 4 Cast

“Bachelor in Paradise” has created new rules to ensure the safety of all parties while they resume filming in Mexico for the reality show’s fourth season. But the producers are allowing returning contestant Amanda Stanton to catch a break, TooFab has learned.

At the start of shooting each season, contestants are required to surrender their personal phones, but since Stanton has two young kids they are granting the 27-year-old mother permission to FaceTime them at producer’s discretion.

Stanton’s ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio told TooFab that she can't mention anything show related due to producers monitoring her calls with the girls.

“[It’s] just normal talk with the girls,” he said. “She asks them how they are and tells them she can’t wait to see them. They are so excited when they get to see their mom.”

Stanton’s eldest daughter, Kinsley is not only fully aware where her mother is since she appeared on last season’s “Bachelor in Paradise,” but also of the reality TV fame and attention her mother gets from the show. Since they speak on FaceTime while the camera’s are still rolling, Kinsley thinks the show is giving her the same benefits.

“She tells me, ‘Daddy, I’m famous. I’m famous because of 'The Bachelor.’”

Stanton’s youngest daughter, Charlie, isn’t as aware.

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