It was a party of two on "Watch What Happens Live" Tuesday night, as a former "Party of Five" stars Neve Campbell and Scott Wolf reunited to spill some "hot goss" about the cast.

It's been 17 years since the Salingers and their many depressing storylines went off the air for good in 2000, but the two were in a great mood while reminiscing with host Andy Cohen about what really went on behind the scenes of the show.

During a speed round of questions, the pair revealed who got the "most ass" back in the day, which of them was the biggest partier and who hooked up with the most fans.

Wolf threw on-screen love interest Jennifer Love Hewitt under the bus for that last one, as both he and Campbell agreed Matthew Fox had the most wild nights.

Later in the show, Cohen asked if we'd ever see "Party of Five" join the current wave of TV reboots.

"It wouldn't make any sense whatsoever," Campbell replied. "If we haven't gotten over the death of our parents 20 years later, it's a problem."

The show's six seasons packed in everything from orphaned kids to alcoholism, but neither star thought the show ever had a big "Jump the Shark" moment. Wolf also admitted he's been re-watching some of the series on Netflix and one episode that's still a clear favorite for him.

"The one that sticks out for me was the intervention episode," he said, "because it's all about me."

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