Gillian Anderson Calls Out 'The X-Files' for Lack of Female Writers and Directors

"X-Files" star Gillian Anderson is disappointed in her own show for lack of female representation behind the camera.

The actress, who has played Agent Dana Scully on the hit supernatural Fox drama since it premiered in 1993, retweeted a Washington Post report that Season 11's writers room has only hired men, and then chimed in with another not-so-fun fact for female filmmakers.

"And 2 out of 207 eps directed by women. I too look forward to the day when the numbers are different. #TheFutureisFemale," Anderson tweeted.

Anderson, who co-stars alongside David Duchovny in the beloved series, actually directed one of those two episodes she referenced. The actress got behind the camera for Season 7 episode "All Things," which she also wrote.

"The X-Files" Season 11 does not have a premiere date yet.

Fans' responses to Anderson's tweet are as fun as they are supportive.

Of course, there's always at least one fragile soul who has to ruin the party.

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