'Jumanji' Reboot Trailer Is Under Fire by Fans: 'Disgrace to the Original and to the Late Robin Williams'
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The trailer for "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" dropped Thursday morning and while some fans can't wait to relive the 1995 film others on Twitter are not too happy with it.

The reboot follows four kids stuck in detention as they come across a video game console while cleaning out their school's basement. After selecting their characters -- Dr. Smolder Bravestone (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), Franklin "Moose" Finbar (Kevin Hart), Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan) and Professor Shelly Oberon (Jack Black) -- they're sucked into the screen.

And While the original Robin Williams' film brought the game's dangers to the real world, this movie sees its players transported into a video game.

Fans on Twitter are calling the movie out for being nothing like the original, saying "this is a disgrace to the original and to the late Robin Williams" and "how many more of my childhood movies are going to be ruined?

See some of the reactions below:

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