'Younger' Star Nico Tortorella Thinks It's 'Disgusting' Trump Did Not Recognize LGBT Pride Month
Hollywood Celebrates LGBTQ Pride

"Younger" star Nico Tortorella thinks it’s "disgusting" that President Donald Trump's administration is refusing to recognize June as National LGBT Pride Month.

"I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous, but I don’t think it’s the most ridiculous thing to come out of the White House’s mouth,” he told TooFab. "I’m not surprised, you know? I mean it’s just disgusting and hopefully we’ll look back at the time and laugh at some point.”

National LGBT Pride Month was originally created by Barack Obama when he took office in 2009. He modeled the traditions of the honorary month after George W. Bush's African-American History Month and American Red Cross Month.

The annual celebration hoping to assist in eliminating prejudice and celebrate diversity has been recognized by the White House for the past eight years. But considering the Trump administration’s track record so far, Tortorella isn’t surprised they chose to ignore Pride.

The openly bisexual actor views it as just another example of homophobia in American society. For example, the Supreme Court is now taking on a case about a Denver baker who rejected a request to make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding due to his religious beliefs.

“It’s a great story to be told right now, but that happens in one way or another in every city, in every county across the world and it’s amazing that it’s getting coverage at this point, but the fight is so much more than a cake,” he told TooFab.

"Justice deserves to be served. I mean, if the enemy can choose to win then there is no progress," he continued. "I'm not scared, but there has been unfavorable decisions in an insane amount of court cases right now. I mean, look at all of the police brutality. All of these cops are getting off for everything they have done, and we just live in a crazy, crazy time. And if the decision about a cake doesn’t sway in the decision that we would like, you know, there are much bigger problems that the world is dealing with right now than a f-king cake."

And he's not just talking the talk, either. The actor walked with the LGBT center during the New York City Pride parade earlier this month.

"I think pride should be celebrated every single day and it’s not just being part of who you are, it’s being part of other people who march as a community, who don’t always get their stories told," Tortorella said. "I will continue to celebrate pride in every way that I can."

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