Chris Christie's Elite Beach Party Is Photoshop Gold -- 6 Funniest Images of Sunbathing Governor (Photos)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is catching heat on Twitter after he spent Sunday soaking up the sun with his family on a state beach that was closed to the public.

The outrage? The state legislators' inability to agree on a budget closed down 11 miles of state beaches to the general public during 4th of July weekend, but Gov. Christie took advantage of the closure to host a private beach party.

The Republican politician was photographed lounging in a beach by Andrew Mills, who detailed the scoop for, which catapaulted the hashtag #ChrisChristie to the top of Twitter trends on Sunday night into Monday morning.

When asked about his day at the beach during a press conference on Sunday, Christie replied, "I didn't get any sun today."

After the photos emerged, however, his spokesman clarified, "He did not get any sun. He had a baseball hat on."


When asked on Fox 29's "Good Day Philadelphia" why about why he was calling from a beach closed to the public, he replied, "I'm sorry they're not the governor."

But considering the scrutiny Christie is under, perhaps they're glad to be private citizens packing the remaining 119 miles of beach New Jersey has to offer.

Squished in between the outrage and the usual weight jokes that accompany any Christie scandal, were amusing photoshop creations featuring Gov. Christie in a vulnerable and unflattering state: stuffed between the arm rests of a beach chair, looking up at the plane snapping another unwanted stain on his political career.

Sometimes revenge is a dish best served on social media. Enjoy the best of the best memes of sunbathing Christie below: