Demi Lovato Claps Back at Haters With New Song 'Sorry Not Sorry' (Audio)
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Demi Lovato is clapping back at all her haters with a fun, upbeat new single, "Sorry Not Sorry."

The powerhouse vocalist released the dance track Monday night and shared a video snippet of the upcoming video to Twitter with the caption, "This one's for you."

"A lot of people hear the song and they think it's about an ex-boyfriend or something like that, but it's actually just a song about the haters," Lovato told Amazon Music. "[It's] a song to the haters that is basically saying, 'You know what? I'm good now. And sorry I'm not sorry that you may not be loving where your life is at the moment."

Lovato said the "Sorry Not Sorry" music video -- which features cameos from Wiz Khalifa and Paris Hilton -- was inspired by a house party she threw a couple months ago. And despite the connotation of the song's title, Lovato said it's actually very "lighthearted."

"It's not as intense as you think it is," she said. "It's a lighthearted song, and so the video is going to be lighthearted, too. You don't want it to seem angsty. You don't want it to seem angry by any means, so the video is going to be a giant house party."

"Sorry Not Sorry" is the lead single on Lovato's untitled sixth studio album. Her last album, "Confident," was dropped in 2015.

Lovato, who celebrated five years of sobriety in March of this year, said her dream collaboration would be with Eminem.

"He's gone through a lot and he raps about recovery, which is something that I'm passionate about," she said. "I feel like we can make something great together."

Listen to the full song below. It will be stuck in your head all day -- and we're not sorry.

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