'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Primer: Who's Alive and How Screwed Are They?
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Let’s face it, in "Game of Thrones," people die. Like, a whole lot of people, and fairly often. At this point, there are more characters who’ve died than lived. And the death hammer comes smashing through randomly every season … sometimes it seems like every episode. So it’s a safe bet that all of those standing -- too soon, Bran? -- at the end of Season 6 won’t still be hanging around when this truncated seven-episode run wraps in a couple of months.

Still, it’s been a long time since we last visited Westeros and Essos. Do you remember where everyone was? Who is heading across the Narrow Sea with Daenarys? Who sits upon the Iron Throne? Where are all the Stark children? Who watches the Wall? Did Brienne and Tormund ever get a room? Important questions. If you don’t know all the answers, don’t worry, TooFab's got you!

We’ve got your primer for where everyone was when last we saw them, and we’ll take a look at just how screwed we think they are as this sweeping saga nears the end. Hell, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were only like two or three of these folks standing at the end of the whole thing. Just so long as Arya is one of them. We’re okay with Jon Snow dying because he’s already proved that doesn’t work on him.

Jon Snow

Perhaps the rightful heir to the Throne, even over Daenerys, Jon should be in for an interesting final run. War is coming to Westeros, and as the King in the (United) North, he’s currently a force to be reckoned with. Reunited with Sansa, it would make sense that the other surviving Starks would come together as well, in an attempt to hang onto their ancestral home. How screwed is he? Well, he’s already died once, so can he even die again? A meeting with the Mother of Dragons is inevitable, but will they vie for the same throne, or will she allow him independent sovereignty in the North similar to what she promised Yara Greyjoy. If the latter, he might survive, otherwise our dear Snow might die again to the might of a new queen.

Arya Stark

After giving Walder Frey his just desserts (natch) for killing her brother and mother, Arya is firmly established as the badass warrior we love and are afraid of at the same time. She’s been apart from her family for years now, presuming them dead, and is committed to working her way through her revenge list, so expect a confrontation with the Lannisters ere long. How screwed is she? Her arc would be incredibly tragic if she obsessed over revenge and then just died. Where’s her happy ending? Oh wait, this is “Game of Thrones.” Still, we think she’s got the cunning and guts to maybe survive this whole thing.

Sansa Stark

She finally has her destiny in her own hands, save whatever favor Baelish will request of her, but what will she do with it? Sansa has been such a victim throughout this journey, that it’s not always been clear what she really wants, and for a long time it didn’t seem likely she’d ever get it. She is the eldest Stark heir, but also female, so should she be the “Queen of the North.” It seems unlikely she’d war with her own brother, but it’s hard to tell. How screwed is she? Sansa is more a foil for others good or bad than an independent characters. She doesn’t really have much to do, other than lay claim to the North, so unless they’re planning an unexpectedly happy ending with everyone surviving, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her be a catalyst for someone else again by dying to motivate Brienne, Jon or even Baelish into doing something amazing.

Bran Stark

You know, the paralyzed kid. The one who has been drug around the entire show and done nothing really interesting except take several peeks into the past. We hope George R.R. Martin and crew are saving the best for last with Bran, otherwise he was a rather wasted character. But he seems to have a destiny beyond the wall involving the White Walkers, so his future may yet be the salvation of his character. How screwed is he? As the least important of the Starks, and a character so pivotal they left his storyline out of an entire season and no one even noticed, Bran seems a likely candidate to die in these final episodes. Perhaps a noble sacrifice to give his life some meaning?

Tyrion Lannister

“The Imp” is the cleverest character on the show, and has managed to position himself quite well with the Mother of Dragons. He has talked his way out of trouble countless times and now into a position of power. I expect he will relish in helping Daenerys take down his “dear sister.” How screwed is he? Tyrion may just be too devious and quick-minded to die, even if all those around him are doing so. And after being kicked and beaten by pretty much everyone who was supposed to love him, maybe he deserves a happy ending … one where he outlives all of them.

Cersei Lannister

She finally got what she’s wanted all this time, and it only cost her almost everything. Atop the Iron Throne with all of her children dead, Cersei is a madwoman with too much power and not enough wit. She will be played and she will be petty and hers will be a disastrous rule. And she’s no match for either Daenerys or the “King in the North.” We’re not even sure she can keep Jaime by her side after her latest antics. Let’s also add, that everyone who has sat on the Iron Throne in this show is dead. How screwed is she? Oh, she dead. And there will be much rejoicing.

Jaime Lannister

“The Kingslayer” has been on a redemption arc this past season, and one that saw him away from King’s Landing and all the evil doings of his sister. So we fully expect him to turn his back on her wicked ways finally. Perhaps the loss of their son Tommen as she sits on the Iron Throne after having murdered countless foes and innocents alike will be enough to turn him against her. Whomever he allies with in this will have a distinct advantage. How screwed is he? He’s unlikely to survive the coming conflicts. We see him turning his back on Cersei and fighting for the side of right, but redemption isn’t fully in the cards for the guy who pushed a kid out a window, crippling him for life. The best he can hope for is a good death for a just cause.

Daenerys Targaryen

With her army at her side, the “Mother of Dragons” is finally making her play for the Iron Throne, and Cersei should be very worried indeed. With her sense of justice, Dany might just make a deal with Jon to give him the North in exchange for his help in taking King’s Landing and make a clean sweep of victory in the West. Of course, there’s still the White Walkers to contend with, but she doesn’t know anything about all of that. How screwed is she? As driven as Dany is to reclaim a throne she has no recollection of, she’s almost blinded by her ambition. As beloved as she is, that blindness may be her downfall. If no one wins when you play the game of thrones, Dany may claim her throne, but lose the larger war against the frozen undead.

Theon Greyjoy

Having finally regained much of his own identity after brutal torture at the hands of Ramsay Bolton, Theon’s road to redemption is nearing its conclusion. He and sister Yara have united their forces with Daenerys and are headed to Westeros to help her claim the Iron Throne, with the promise that their own Iron Islands will be given independence. How screwed is he? Theon did too much to be allowed a fully happy ending. And as much as he’s suffered since then, he may welcome the embrace of death. He will seek to do good and right, but there is no joy left in his existence, so it will likely be short, with him dying to achieve something good.


The blood witch brought Jon Snow back to life, but was ultimately banished from his side after Davos revealed he couldn’t stand to be around her after she convinced Stannis to fruitlessly sacrifice his daughter for power. Melisandre is ambitious, and seems devoted to Jon so she may try to come by his side again. Or she may just as well flip again, offering her services to Dany when she arrives. Either way, it’s not the last we’ll see of her heavy-handed guidance. How screwed is she? Melisandre is old and weak, despite how she usually looks. She’s also a survivor, but that will only get her so far. If Davos doesn’t kill her, she may overstep and get killed by Jon or even Dany. Even if her magic proves useful against the White Walkers, she has dabbled in dark forces, and she will not survive the wars to come.

Davos Seaworth

Now serving as trusted advisor to Jon Snow, Davos will play an important role in the upcoming war for Westeros, as well as the conflict with the White Walkers. But he is also a good man and a tortured man with too much weighing on his soul. He will try to offer sage advice, but it will likely not always be taken. How screwed is he? Davos is unlikely to see the end of the story, as there will be heavy costs on all sides of this conflict, and his heart is suffering already. Unlike many of the other players on this show, though, he will probably welcome the peace that death will offer him after years of turmoil.

Sandor Clegane

The Hound is fueled by rage and a desire to kill his brother Gregor “The Mountain.” Of course, The Mountain is already dead, but Sandor will likely get his confrontation with his brother and get his chance to kill him again. It may be that Arya will be by his side, helping him accomplish this task, as the two of them developed an odd bond. How screwed is he? If he’s with Arya, she’ll kill him after Gregor because he’s on her list. If not, he’ll likely die anyway, because he’s made this his life’s mission. Attempts at redemption last season ultimately failed. The Hound is a killer. He lived as one, and he shall die as one.

Brienne of Tarth

A bit of a free agent going into this next season, Brienne will likely want to return to Sansa’s side to help her through the conflicts to come. It would be fitting for her to reunite with Arya as well. Perhaps it will be she who will help reunite the sisters. How screwed is she? A noble and honorable woman who is determined and willing to die for the woman she has sworn her sword to, it seems likely that this is the exact fate awaiting Brienne. She will die a hero and beloved, and probably save Sansa or Arya or more in the process.

Petyr Baelish

Littlefinger has his sights on Winterfell, and remains as devious and ambitious as ever. He came through for Sansa and Jon in their last big battle, helping them unite the North under Jon Snow, so he’s poised to sit as an advisor when Dany and the West arrives and the war for the Iron Throne begins. His scheming may all be moot when the White Walkers come down from the North -- they are the biggest unknown on the show -- but he’ll likely reach beyond himself before then. How screwed is he? No one trusts Littlefinger and even fewer like him, and he can’t stop plotting and scheming. These things will be his undoing, and it may well be Sansa who gets to do him in as she did Ramsay.


Perhaps the most enigmatic character on the show, Varys will likely play a pivotal role in the final conflicts to come. He finds “little birds” everywhere he goes and amasses a knowledge database that the CIA would be jealous of. Brilliant and conniving, unpredictable and lacking any true loyalty to anyone but himself, Varys may well outlive them all. How screwed is he? The spider is quick and not easy to kill. Varys would disappear never to be seen again before he would allow himself to die.

Olenna Tyrell

The Lady Olenna lost everyone she cared about thanks to the dastardly and explosive deeds of Cersei in the Season 6 finale. Look for her to seek revenge, blinded by her hatred and rage and grief in the coming season. As the Dowager Countess (a la “Downton Abbey”) of “Game of Thrones,” we expect some brilliantly cutting remarks in her final confrontation with Cersei, should she get one. How screwed is she? She probably doesn’t even care, so long as Cersei dies before her. She’s unlikely to make it through the coming conflict -- but she’ll be awesome when it does -- and will probably be ready to die when her time does come.

Jorah Mormont

Dying from Greyscale, Jorah was last seen heading off in search of a cure. It is, however, unlikely he will stay committed to that cause and unlikely this is the last we’ll see of him. He’s too committed to Daenerys … and madly in love with her. How screwed is he? Jorah would consider it a great honor to sacrific his life for the Mother of Dragons, so we expect that’s exactly how he’ll go. He might pretend he’s found the cure, or just show up covered more than ever to save her life and go down in a blaze of glory.

Tormund Giantsbane

The unofficial lead of the wildlings, Tormund is smitten with Brienne and a fierce and fearless warrior. He will fight anything that stands in front of him, and it doesn’t always have to be an enemy. But he has offered his loyalty to Jon, and he is wiser than he looks that there are bigger issues to deal with then petty squabbles of the past. How screwed is he? He’s probably too brave and too reckless to survive the coming conflicts with forces both natural and supernatural. Hopefully he at least gets a kiss from Brienne before he dies.

Yara Greyjoy

With the combined power of Daenerys’ forces at her side, Yara has joined the fight for the Iron Throne, with the promise that she will get the Iron Islands when all is said and done. She has proven herself capable, strong and willful and is more than worthy of ruling such an inhospitable and challenging region of Westeros, not to mention her rightful claim to it. How screwed is she? If GRRM and company wanted to be somewhat unjust and cruel, they would kill the more capable leader in Yara and leave the still somewhat broken Theon to seek continued redemption as the new ruler of the Iron Islands… way up north… where the White Walkers are. Hell, they’ll probably both die and the Islands will be wiped from existence.

Ellaria Sand

After dispatching everyone she considered weak, Oberyn’s former lover Ellaria has effectively taken control of Dorne, and is now making her way to King’s Landing for revenge against the Lannisters for all they have taken from her. She is overly confident in herself and her Sand Snakes, and she’ll have to deal with everyone else who is coming for Cersei’s head, so it’ll be interesting to see if she also strikes a partnership with Daenerys to come at King’s Landing as a united force. She should at least respect that Dany is not weak. How screwed is she? Her ambition and ruthlessness will be her undoing. Ellaria is too blind with rage to see clearly, so she’ll probably do something stupid to get herself killed.

Edd Tollett

The current Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is in way over his head. He’s not nearly qualified to lead the unruly lads under his command, and he’s certainly not prepared to take on the White Walkers that are headed our way. His is the last line of defense between Westeros and the White Walkers beyond the Wall, so I expect he and that Wall are coming down. How screwed is he? He was never fit to command in the first place, and he’s certainly not going to survive the wars to come.


Cersei’s aide has managed to keep a zombie “Mountain” under control and has taken control of Varys’ “little birds” in King’s Landing. But whereas Varys was a charming spider, Qyburn is a nasty snake and very little loved. He is ambitious and scheming and perhaps more clever than the queen, but there is nowhere for his ambitions to take him. How screwed is he? He doesn’t stand a chance against forces more cunning and clever than he is coming at him from every direction. Fly away, little bird!

Samwell Tarly

Sam has had a quiet time of it this past season, and while he may think he’s ready to train to be a maester now, that would take a long time and be pretty boring. So we fully expect him to get pulled right back to the Wall where he can help the Night’s Watch deal with the White Walkers and maybe choose a side in the dispute over the Iron Throne. How screwed is he? Sam has surprising courage in the most unexpected of moments, but he’s also kind and sweet, and this is a very hard world. The loss of Sam would be a devastating moral blow to Jon Snow, but might be the motivation he needs to win a war on two fronts against two very different types of foes.

Grey Worm

Daenerys’ general has the toughest job of all coming up, as he leads her combined forces into an all-out assault on Westeros. He’s a very capable young man, and has proven himself a smart tactician and brave beyond reason, but he will also likely put himself on the front line to fight alongside his men. How screwed is he? Daenerys counts on him, so his days are likely numbered. Add to that a romantic subplot with Dany’s friend and confidante for the former “Unsullied,” and his death has twice the impact on Dany and her forces. So expect it to be so.

Lyanna Mormont

What is she? Like 8-years old? The Lady Mormont is a fierce and commanding presence in the body of a toddler. But she is fierce and wise beyond her years. She will likely play a pivotal role in the war to come, fighting alongside Jon and the forces of the North. If Dany ever gets to meet her, she is going to love this girl. How screwed is she? Lyanna is too badass to die. Plus, she’s got her whole life ahead of her. Maybe when it’s all over, everyone else will be dead and it will be Lyanna sitting on the Iron Throne, uniting East and West.


Oh Bronn, you’re such a fun character but what are you doing? The sell-sword has been hanging outwith Jaime Lannister, but his loyalty has always been to coin. He’s forged friendships with almost every side in this conflict, and isn’t really invested in any way in their game of thrones.If anything else, he’s kind of become the comedy relief of the show. How screwed is he? Bronn’s death wouldn’t really serve any purpose in any plots, so we’d wager he’ll find a nice girl and some drink and some coin and settle down somewhere when it’s all over.


It’s been awhile since Gilly has been much more than the sweet wildling girl Sam pulls and pushes from one place to another. It would be unusual for her story to change much in the latter seasons, as there’s not much more to say about her or her baby. How screwed is she? She is Sam’s weakness. Weaknesses are exploited. It’s not looking good for poor Gilly, or little Sam.


Bran’s last surviving companion, and mode of transportation, Meera hasn’t done much on the show other than prove herself loyal and trustworthy. Her role is creating Hodor was tragic, but there’s little known about her. Is she more significant than a random girl who offered to help? Another secret heir to something? Or is she saddled with the most boring Stark and therefore almost completely expendable. How screwed is she? If Hodor could die while hanging out with Bran, it makes sense Meera would die and leave him completely alone, where he’ll either have to take control of his own destiny or die himself.


The former slave and current confidante and aide to the Mother of Dragons, Missandei has begun to develop feelings for Grey Worm. She is kind and sweet and an innocent in many ways, but she is also therefore a weakness for both Grey Work and Daenerys. That’s not a good thing to be, considering she doesn’t really have the skills to protect herself in a physical altercation. How screwed is she? It would be surprising to see her make it through, as it would take others protecting her for that to happen. But with Dany, Grey Worm and even Tyrion all caring for her, she may just have the shield she needs. That said, her loss would rock both Dany and the general of her forces, so she’s got a target as big as one of Dany’s dragons on her back.


The rightful heir to the throne under Robert’s line, but does anyone care at this point? The war is all about the Targaryen line, so even if Gendry shows up no one is going to respect his claim to the throne. For that matter, would he even want it. He was a nice enough kid. Maybe he could be used to challenge Cersei’s claim to the throne, and then Dany will show up and kill him anyway. How screwed is he? If he comes back, he’s dead. The kid serves no significant role in the battle for the Iron Throne, so he’s just something in the way of everyone else’s ambitions.

Ser Pounce

Last seen adorably cuddling with Tommen in his bed chambers, Ser Pounce is likely skulking around King’s Landing fending for himself on all those rats Arya isn’t killing anymore. Clearly no one is taking care of him, but Ser Pounce is resilient, and so fluffy and adorable. How screwed is he? Nine lives, baby! Ser Pounce will survive them all. The true winner of the Game of Thrones is right here, just waiting for his moment to … pounce!

“Game of Thrones” Season 7 premieres Sunday, July 16 at 9 p.m. ET.

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