"Famously Single" stars Calum Best, Chad Johnson and David Mcintonsh get into a ridiculous fight over who is the cooler housemate in an exclusive clip TooFab obtained from Sunday's explosive episode.

The grown, shirtless men take numerous cheap shots at each other in the questionable argument, insulting everything from bad haircuts to their stupidity and coolness levels.

“You know, you guys remind me of like back in Vietnam when I was digging the trenches like some f-king amateur hour,” Best says in the video (above). “You’re both cool, but you’re not that f-cking cool so go back to Vietnam.”

“He doesn’t know the difference between his ass and his elbow,” Best says when Johnson begins mocking the absurdity of the argument they're engaging in.

“There’s a pretty obvious difference,” Johnson said in defense. “One’s down there, one’s up there.”

Eventually Best gets so angry, he storms off, tells the ladies that the other two male housemates were ganging up on him, and aggressively punches a wall.

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