'Life's Too F-cking Short': How Louis Tomlinson's Mom Reunited Him With Zayn Malik Before She Died
The 1-Der Years: One Direction With A Smiling Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlinson's mothers dying wish was to reunite her son and his former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik just before she lost her battle to Leukemia.

In an emotional interview with The Sun, Tomlinson recalled his mother saying, “‘You’ve got to get back in contact with Zayn. Life’s too f-king short.’”

“A mother’s intuition is just f-cking crazy. It always felt supernatural to me. My mum always knew what I was feeling and what I wanted,” he continued.

Malik and Tomlinson used to be best friends during their time in the group as they often confided in each other for advice and mischievous adventures. But just months after Malik quit the band, he fired off an upsetting tweet at Tomlinson that further distanced the pair.

“@Louis_Tomlinson remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?”

The tweet was the last form of communication before Tomlinson’s mother passed away at the age of 42, pushing the singer to clear the air in honor of his late mom.

“I can’t stand to hold a grudge with anyone. It doesn’t sit with me right,” Tomlinson said. “If there is any animosity, just clear the air. I met up with him and it was nice.”

Although Malik has been distant from the band, only mentioning negative comments about his experience and their music when it comes up in interviews, Tomlinson still views him in a positive light.

“I would always see the good in Zayn and also watch him shoot himself in the foot with some of his decisions, but he’s just a little misunderstood," Tomlinson said.

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