15 Best Celebrity Twitter Clap Backs, From Chrissy Teigen to MySpace Tom
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Getting trolled on social media is an unavoidable fact of life for the most famous users, but TooFab has the utmost respect for those stars who clap right back.

Between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, fans (and haters) are more emboldened then ever to talk trash. Thankfully, celebrities are too, because it's those exchanges that brighten our day.

From Chrissy Teigen to J.K. Rowling to even Tom from MySpace, here are 15 of our favorite clap backs of all time.

Chrissy Teigen

Someone told the model and Spike TV personality her Twitter feed doesn't set a good example for her daughter, Luna, and Teigen fired back with the biggest reason that is not a concern of hers.

James Blunt

Do not give Blunt a challenge, because he will accept, and roast you while doing so.

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Amber Rose v. Kanye West

Remember when Amber Rose took to Twitter to absolutely unleash on her ex boyfriend, Kanye West?



There's no doubt that Riri has mastered shade, which she will throw at you with ease.



When she's not blasting Donald Trump with an influx of emoji's to express how she really feels, Cher is shutting up trolls who have nothing nice to say as they flood her mentions.

J.K. Rowling

Though the author enjoys spending her time on Twitter clearing of questions fans have about Harry Potter, she doesn't shy away from diving deep into her (totally ridiculous) mentions.

Ariana Grande

That time Grande took someone's lame comment and threw it right back at him.


Gabourey Sidibe

Sidibe wanted this fan to know she's not crying about what people say about her.


Michelle Williams

For years, she was the black sheep of Destiny's Child, but Williams doesn't seem to mind at all.


Kim Kardashian West

If you come for Kim Kardashian West, she will remind you that she has enough money to get over it.


Oprah Winfrey

This what happens when someone questions Oprah's humanitarianism.


Hillary Clinton

Trump made a Twitter typo, Clinton used it to shade him. It was perfect.

Chelsea Clinton

Like mother like daughter.

Chris Evans

The actor best known for playing Captain America in Marvel movies also regularly weighs in on politics and slams the Trump administration, but his most masterful tweet came in the midst of Ann Coulter's Twitter tirade over a seat on a Delta airplane.

Tom From MySpace

MySpace may have been overshadowed by Facebook, but co-founder Tom Anderson isn't sweating it. And if he ever does, he has wads of cash available to wipe away any perspiration.


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